Explore a virtual campus where yoga professionals, healthcare providers, and academics can access and disseminate emerging research, continuing education, and teaching resources.

Inspiring Interviews

Tune into inspiring conversations with leaders from the yoga and nonprofit space, designed to awaken new ideas and inform your work.

Engaging Lectures

Build your knowledge base and learn directly from innovators from the fields of yoga & mindfulness, science, psychology, and philosophy.

Experiential Classes

Deepen your personal practice and enhance your teaching toolkit through yoga and mindfulness classes that showcase evidence-informed methodologies.

Interactive Workshops

Expand your knowledge and hone your skills through specialized workshops designed to support those offering yoga to populations facing illness and hardship.

Our Faculty

Learn from a diverse faculty of teachers and leaders who work to forward the use of evidence-informed yoga interventions and mindfulness-based practices.

Give Back Yoga University is your opportunity to connect directly with yoga nonprofits, researchers, and world-renowned teachers on the greatest questions facing our industry. The faculty include experts from nonprofit organizations, public sector institutions, and academia.

Sat Bir Khalsa
Seane Corn
Dana Smith
Elena Brower
Rod Stryker
Nikki Myers