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Stories of Impact

How Yoga Can Change A Life

Over the past twelve years, we have helped thousands of people access the therapeutic benefits of yoga.

Many of our beneficiaries came to yoga to cope with unthinkable challenges — a cancer diagnosis, a lifetime of incarceration, systemic bias and oppression. We believe every one of these individuals has an important story to tell — about their lives, the adversity they’ve faced, and the unique role yoga played in their growth and healing.

An Interview with Dr. Nicole Schnackenberg


In this heartfelt interview, Nicole reflects on her yoga journey: what stimulated (and sustains) her appetite for yoga, and how her personal therapeutic work informs and supports her ability to offer a therapeutic space to others.

In Loving Memory: Rama Jyoti Vernon


We here at Give Back Yoga Foundation are remembering Rama Jyoti Vernon, dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher, peace activist, and “Mother of Contemporary Yoga in the US,” with love and gratitude.

Childhood Cancer Kids: Sierra’s Story

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I was diagnosed with cancer when I was five years old. Yoga helped me get through it. Now, I want to study how yoga can help kids feel better during treatment and help them deal with stress afterwards.

Yoga For Musicians: How Yoga Helped Me Make Music Again

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After pain forced me to quit my dream career as a professional musician, yoga was the reason I started playing music again. Now, I help other New Orlean musicians create comfort and ease in their body through the transformative nature of yoga.

Yoga Helped Me Heal After Brain Surgery

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When my brain grew too big for my skull, I had to have brain surgery. The months that followed were one of the most difficult periods of my life; they challenged me physically, mentally, and emotionally. Yoga helped me to create a new reality.

The Seva Yoga Project: Creating Access to Yoga

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When I was forced to return to the small town life I had fled from, I vowed to create what I was looking for when I left. I wanted to introduce alternative life choices to those who were suffering; I wanted to teach yoga. There was one problem: I had never even taken a yoga class.